Plant List & Assembly 

Investment in high-performance machine tools remains a key factor in SMS’s development and growth and over the last 2 years the company has purchased a number of machines including 3 Doosans from Mills CNC.​

Doosan Lynx 220LM with full “C” Axis CNC Lathe                              

Fitted with IEMCA 1 mtr bar feed, 8” chuck

Ecoca-VS Semi CNC Lathe with Siemens Control                               

Fitted with a 8” chuck

Doosan DNM650 CNC Mill with Fanuc Control                                   

Milling Envelope 1270mm x 650mm x 670mm

Doosan DNM400 CNC Mill with Fanuc Control                                   

Milling Envelope 800mm x 550mm x 670mm

Bridgeport 800 VMC                                                                                

Milling Envelope 810mm x 510mm x 575mm

Bridgeport 500 VMC                                                                                

Milling Envelope 500mm x 310mm x 450mm

3 Colchester 2500 Electronic Lathes                                                     

All fitted with a 10” chuck



Bench Top Assembly

TIG Welding of various materials i.e. Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Copper


Rotating Chuck with a 21/2” bore for horizontal & Vertical Welding


Soldering and Brazing Station (Hard & Soft)



Pfeiffer Helium Leak Testing with a full leak rate Test Certificate

Insulation Area (Transfer Lines/Syphon’s)

Pumping & Baking Station (Transfer Lines/Syphon’s)

Degreasing & ultrasonic cleaning tank (using only environmentally friendly degreasing agents)

Assembly processes include:

Machine Shop includes:

Quality Control

Technicians within the assembly area are trained in all processes listed above, if they have any issues, all areas have a work instruction and a process map.